Opening for 5 slots of these little badges with 3 left, sadly I cant print and send these little guys but your all free too~
Poses and stuff can be discussed and colouring previews for the shell. If your interested inbox me here~

Some little examples of what I will soon be offering as a commission, keep an eye out if your interested but these are not the final design.


Fursuit by Bluefoxfursuits

Adwin the Red/Fennec fox crossbreed reporting in for duty! This is the suit I’ll be taking to confuzzled and I’ll be posting photos of the adventure here~ 

Got a new side account for my fursuit, feel free to follow me there for photos of the suit at confuzzled convention and furmeets~

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This is still at early work point but this is a base for an animation for my final project of first year of illustration and animation, taken out of a section of a story with a murderer (here a dragon) climbing on his way to take the princesses life! D8


This was a complete waste of time but my god I love this poor little reluctantly floating guy~

Done a bunch of study sketches from photos of late, just gonna upload the ones I overly like. Far from perfect

If you have an Ekans and you haven’t had it in pokemon amie yet do it! its got the cutest way of eating but it made me jump at first. It eats like a snake and takes it in a single strike~

Cute little scaley baby~

Based off an ongoing rp I have with a friend but i wanted to try drawring from it, not like I have better to do with no internet at home….*hides university work under a blanket*

Sorry for the break, the red for spyros wings that I usually use ran out and the new batch was a bit watery compared. So for this later the wing membrane is painted with a lighter tone and I will go over it with a darker tone and clean up where i went under.
Also painting under the left wing is one of the most awkward and annoying things possible due to the brush not being able to reach smoothly and had to see when it does! You have been warned if you are attempting this.

Doodlepic based off character designs for Kaito Kuroba and Aoko Nakamori from Magic Kaito done by a friend~ Image was drawn by me and the background was from the link below. If you have a MLP character drop me a note and I might draw them if I have the time.